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Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on May 30, 2012 at 9:26am

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents - I had a wonderful year learning with your children in class this year. I am very proud of each and every one of them! I will miss having them in class but look forward to seeing them at tefilah, lunch and in the hallways next year. Have a wonderful summer!

All the best,

"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz

Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on April 30, 2012 at 8:40am

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents! - We had a great class yesterday! I challenged the class with a "Can you be a teacher for 3 minutes?" game show right in our class. Each student took a turn teaching the class on the setup of certain Jewish texts. I can say that all of our students can now identify the different parts of a page from the Chumash, a page of Talmud and even a page from a book called Mikraot G'dolot. They can identify on the page what the actual Torah reading is, what a page of Talmud looks like, the Aramaic translation next to it called the Targum Onkelos, the Mishna, The Gemera, the Rashi, the Tosfot, etc! I am so proud of all my students! They each were able pass the challenge and taught the class for 3 minutes. And it's not a game show unless there are each student won a Star Wars pencil and a collectible badge. See the picture on my page for all smiling students!

In addition, we started our last project of the year. We discussed the ideas of remembrance which we thought was very appropriate considering last week we observed Yom Hashoah and Yom Hazikaron. We discussed why it is important to remember good as well as not so good occurrences in our lives. The important part is that we can learn something positive from these experiences and try to pass along what we have learned to others.

We are going to put together a time capsule for the Kitah Dalet class of 2012 to open be opened by the Kitah Dalet class of 2022. Each student is taking time to reflect on their year in class and come up with a song, a poem, a picture or a journal entry with a message they want to convey to future students in the Hebrew school.

In addition, next week we are going to have one more small breakfast party so we can celebrate our year of learning together as well our completion of our time capsule.

I am looking forward to a great class next week!
All the best
"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz

Comment by Michelle Langmead on April 24, 2012 at 7:32am

The Langmead Family will be hosting Havdalah on May 12th at 5:30. Our address is 39 Duncan Road Stoughton. The menu will be potluck/dairy. Please email or call us to let us know that you will be attending. Our phone number is 781 344 0016. See you then. 

Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on March 25, 2012 at 12:38pm

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents - We had a great celebration today in class! Our students presented their dioramas in class. As we remember our theme for our dioramas was blessings or "brachot" . Each student choose a bracha and made a diorama of the bracha and what it means to them.  Everyone did a great job! And we celebrated our accomplishment with a wonderful breakfast party! Funn was had by all. Be sure to check out the dioramas in the Hebrew school wing of the Temple.

See ya next week,

Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on March 19, 2012 at 9:20am

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents - We had a great class yesterday! As part of our 4 Questions project, we are working on getting the 4 questions down fluently so that your child will be able to do it for your Pesach seder this year! We have worked on the 1st two questions and have along worked at translating the words as well! Many of then can now translate questions 1 and 2 without even looking at the English translation!  Sarah will continue practicing this with them on Tuesday as well.

In our discussion of the 2nd question we got into a very interesting discussion of why do we eat bitter herbs on Pesach and why this and other special foods are so important to eat on Pesach. As I have mentioned before, this is a very thoughtful class and they ask so many good questions. I am always impressed with my in depth discussions with them!

We also spoke about the weekly Torah portion and are coming up with a final class project that will connect in the ideas that we learned about the "Mishkan" (the portable temple that the Jews carried around the desert after leaving Egypt) and how it relates to Temple Beth Abraham, the place most of us go to pray. Stay tuned for more details!

In addition, our students have become very familar with the layout of some key Jewish texts. I am so proud that most of our students can pick up a Jewish Hebrew text like a Chumash, a page of the Talmud or even a page from a very big text called the Mikraot G'dolot and can point and show where the actual Torah reading is, the Aramaic translation called Targum Onklos, Rashi's commnetary and the Tosfot commentary (Rashi's grandson's commentary).   I have some real scholars in my class they are making me so very proud! Ask your kids to show you these pages that in are in their folder! You'll be very impressed with his/her knowledge of these items!

This Sunday is our breakfast party! Please remember to send your child to school with his/her diorama! Each student will have a chance to present their diorama to the class along with a small explanation of the blessing they choose to do and why they choose it. We will celebrate with a yummy breakfast and place these dioramas in the school hallway for all to see!

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

All the best,
"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz

Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on March 11, 2012 at 6:55pm

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents - We had another great Sunday class! In preparation for Pesach, Kitah Dalet is going to be working on reading the Four Questions from the Pesach Haggadah fluently. Today we started with the first question and even went into the literal meaning of each word. Sarah's class will also be working on this as well. Our hope is that each of our students will be able to recite the Four Questions at the seder this year! 

During our second hour we had a debate regarding the ideas conveyed in this past weeks Torah portion called Ki Tisa.  We split the group up into two teams and had then defend a position in the reading.  Ask your child about the debate! I am sure you will find it as interesting as I did. We have a bright group of students and they really enjoy learning about the weekly Torah reading.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.

All the best,
"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz

Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on March 2, 2012 at 7:18am

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents - Please remember that this Sunday is the Purim carnival. Prior to that the students will be putting on their skit of the chapters 5 through 8 of the Megillah. Sarah has worked at putting together a script and I will have it on hand on Sunday. We will practice in class prior to presenting it to the school. Let us know if you have any questions.
All the best,

"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz

Comment by Shelley Keimach on February 27, 2012 at 1:44pm
Dear Moreh Leibowitz:

Hope that all is well. Anabelle has let me know that there will be a celebration this Sunday. Would you please let me know what you will be serving, or what it is that I can provide for everyone? Anabelle has a few food allergies, so it would be good to know so she will be able to participate in the celebration. Thanks- Shelley
Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on February 13, 2012 at 12:43pm

Hello Kitah Dalet Parents - We had a great day of learning on Sunday! We spent the first hour getting our hands dirty with some discussion and homework review regarding the Shema. We mentioned in our discussion that the first line of the Shema is suppose to be said with our right hand covering our eyes and in a nice loud clear voice with a lot of kevannah (intention). Then we explored why the next line right after that (the "Baruch Shem...") is said in a very quiet whisper.  One idea is that when the Rome Empire occupied Israel, the Jewish people said this phrase in a very quiet voice so the Roman authorities would not hear this line and accuse them of treason. The Oral Law teaches states that the "Baruch Shem.." is recited quietly because it was recited only by the angels.  Although we do say this phrase out loud on Yom Kippur when we all consider ourselves like angels.

Our discussion then focused on when we or other groups of people communicated through whispers. I was very impressed at the examples our students gave. One of our students even said that Anne Frank and her family must have spent most of their time communicating in whispers while in hiding. What an incredible connection to make between ideas of the Shema and how it continues to teach us about our not so distant history. I have noticed that our students enjoy discussing issues about their Jewish identity, how our lessons in the classroom impact their lives and what can be done to make things better in our world.  

It is such a pleasure to teach this group of students. They amaze me every week. They have done some great work on their brachot-dioramas and I am looking forward to seeing them all complete on March 25. If your child stills has work to do on it, please allow them a little bit of time to work on them.

Please email with any questions or concerns.
All the best,

"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz

Comment by "Moreh" Mark Leibowitz on February 6, 2012 at 8:27am

Hello Kitah Dalet parents! We had a very nice class today. This year we have been learning about the Shema and ideas behind brachot (blessings). To help us learn more about brachot, the meanings behind them and what they mean to us, we are working on Brachot Dioramas!  Each student has chosen a blessing and are constructing dioramas that creatively show their chosen bracha.

I had originally envisioned this as an extra credit project but our students were so excited about the project that I made this into an combination in class-at home project. I was so happy to see how many students took some time during the week to collect supplies and do some research on their bracha.  In addition to the diorama, we would like each student to write a short paragraph (3 or 4 sentences) telling us what bracha they choose, why it is important and why they choose it.  Next week they will have some more time to work on the dioramas and the small written paragraph.

After next week, they can certainly bring it home and continue work on it some more if they want. If they are happy with what they have at the end of class next week or if you would prefer they work on this solely in the classroom, that is fine as well.

On March 25th, we will have a small breakfast party in the class and give each student the opportunity to present the diorama to the class and give a small explanation on it.

Everyone is doing a great job on this project and I am very proud of my students!
Please email me with any questions or concerns.
All the best,

"Moreh" Mark Leibowitz


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